Digital Countdowns for your product, event, or market launch!

Use our digital countdown to prepare, educate and reward your audience while developing qualified leads for your sales pipeline!

Digital Event Calendar

A digital event (e.g. Advent) calendar is a very nice way to promote your product to the travel trade in a respective market while educating and rewarding them right before or after an event (the festive season or Chinese New Year). Users can open a digital door or window on a festively designed webpage (adjusted to your C.I. requirements) and gather the latest information about your product followed by 2-3 quiz questions and become part of a daily or per-event raffle (or both). Idea: have partners/stakeholders join your advent calendar and take over some of the doors. 

Digital Countdown

You have a product launch, an important event you want to promote, or a new market you plan to access, then our countdown calendar is a great opportunity to prepare and accompany your (event-) marketing activities online and engage with your audience actively already before the event by providing them with bits & pieces of information every day or every week before date X. This can be educational information about the product/event or you can bring partners on board to share educational information with your audience. Each of those bits & pieces of information can be displayed on a landing page or (modal) window and be followed by a short quiz to test all attendees. All successful attendees would become part of a daily or per-event raffle pot. 

Educational Quiz

Educating your trade partners about your product is crucial. With our multi-step educational quiz, we provide you with a flexible and more engaging solution to educate your audience. Instead of launching your e-learning at once, the multi-step program provides you with the option to launch different modules/courses at different points in time, ensuring not to overwhelm your audience with too much educational content, but providing them with relevant information step-by-step. Again everything can be accompanied by a quiz/raffle component and many more e-learning features via h5p.